About Girls Love Members feedback

I just logged into About Girls Love for the first time and I was blown away by just how good the videos are in the site! I can't wait to download some more.
Rudy, VT

I loved the girls on About Girls Love. I had never seen teen who were as cute as the ones here. I can't believe you got some of these girls to do the things they did!
Rodney M.

I wasn't sure about how good your site would be, but after 5 minutes inside I knew I was in love! YOU HAVE A MEMBER FOR LIFE!!
Stephen B.

I was very impressed with the amount of videos inside this site. There was a ton more videos then other teen sites I have been a member of:Thanks for the great job guys!

I want Gwen as my sexy girlfriend! But she doesn't look old enough to drink!... Do you think there is any way you can get me her e mail address!!?? LOL

I enjoyed your site very much and would recommend it to all of my friends if I wasn't so worried about what they would think of a 43 year old man enjoying pictures and videos of, as you call them 'True Teen' girls.
Robert D

Some of these videos really take me back to when I was much younger and experimenting in the back seat of cars or sneaking into my girlfriend's bedroom.
Dale B

For the (low) price I have not found another site anywhere near as good as About Girls Love. Thank you for a great place to enjoy teen girls having sex.
(name with held by request)

I know it is wrong for me to get so turned on by these girls but I am glad they are here to look at. The action is incredible in these videos and the girls look so innocent.

One of the girls on your site looks exactly like a girl I have been chatting with over IMs. The best part is she's naked on the site but very conservative when I chat with her. Do you think it is the same girl? (Probably not, but give us her screen name and we will see!)

Susanna had so much fun during her first shoot I almost felt like I was in the room with her. Please give us more of this bubbly teen girl!
Marcos E.

This site ROCKS!

I did not know what you meant by true teen girls until I saw them! These girls look delicious! I am downloading more videos while I type this.

I just wanted to write and thank the guys at About Girls Love for making such a great site. The videos are really good and the girls look good.

Today was my first day as a member and I am ECSTATIC THAT I FINALLY JOINED! I Want to fuck every one of these girls!

I have joined a few sites that say they update all the time, but you guys actually do! That's for the great new videos I get to watch all the time!

My boyfriend showed me your site and I got so turned on I got my own membership that he doesn't know about.

I don't know and don't really care if these girls are virgins or not, they really really look like sweet innocent girls and I love watching them have sex for the first time.
Todd V. New Hampshire

I know these girls are all 18 but sometimes I wonder:

I think, that these girls are sexual as a hell and would like to have a floor with all from them

The models on your place are so beautiful. Think you gives encounter could have me, that it a way that I with even an of them, and sex?
( Herschel here is asking if we can hook him up with a model for sex since ours are beautiful: he MUST have used an online translator)

I came across your site while I was searching for teen girls having sex. FUCK are these girls incredible or what?

I filled up my hard drive with the videos I downloaded from About Girls Love! Now I need to buy another one!!!!!!!

This is the second time I have come back and joined About Girls Love, I don't think I will be canceling my membership again.

Your customer support was great! I got a quick answer to a question I had and Jennifer was very nice about it. Please thank her for me.

HELP!! I spend all my night getting off to the awesome collection of pictures and videos inside About Girls Love!

These girls really look like schoolgirls and I feel guilty that I get so fucking hard watching them have sex. I fantasize all the time about meeting one of them and doing the same thing with them. Please don't stop updating the site with these cute girls it really makes my day.